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Angelyne is interviewed

Before You Watch

Folks, don’t pirate this show. (Or any other show.)

It is no doubt easy to justify such an action to yourself: Big bad greedy corporations that already have so much money, playing games with distribution so that my favorite show isn’t available in my country at the same time as everywhere else, etc.

Yes, there are some legitimate complaints to be made. Many of them grounded in reality! But don’t pirate, anyway. Not because of what the big bad corporations do, but for your own peace of mind. Demonstrate for yourself and others that you are not a thief.

Due to my long-standing interest in Angelyne, I was looking forward to this show more than just about anything else available in the pop culture landscape for the last ten years or so. But I didn’t have a Peacock account, and I didn’t want one, so I waited a full year to watch it, when it became available on other services that were more convenient for me. I did not pirate it.

(Okay, to be fair, the real reason I waited is because I didn’t think it would be very good. Doing a quick parse of the credits, I discovered that the show was made by people who make normal boring cliché-ridden mainstream teevee, which typically makes me want to barf. If there had been a name attached that I trust, like Steven Soderbergh, I would not have been able to get my credit card out fast enough.)

Okay, Here’s Where You Can Watch

Angelyne debuted on May 19 2022 on the Peacock network, so if you have an account on that service, that should be your first choice. Watch Angelyne Streaming on Peacock.

After a little over a year of exclusivity, the show became available on other services.

If you’re partial to Apple’s ecosystem, you can watch it there: Angelyne on Apple TV. As of this writing, it is only US$9.99 for the whole season.

Or you can watch it on YouTube: Angelyne on YouTube. As of this writing, it costs US$9.99 for high-definition, US$7.99 for standard definition.

Okay, now we are scraping the bottom of the barrel, but: Angelyne on Prime Video. It costs US$9.99 for high-definition, US$7.99 for standard definition. But if you’re asking me, don’t buy it on Amazon. That company looks too much like a monopoly, and their business practices are worse than most. You have better options.