W. Allen Brunson (that’s me) is a senior developer living in Nashville, Tennessee. I am in the process of teaching myself Flutter and its associated implementation language, Dart.

Other things I’m pretty good at: Objective-C, Python, C++, multi-threaded server applications, bash shell scripting, server automation, macOS, UNIX, iOS.

Some things I dabble in from time to time, and might get serious about one day: Django, Rust, Android, Kotlin.

Pretty soon, I’ll be looking for a job. My ideal position would be writing Flutter apps for a company that is fully remote, with no central office. But I’m willing to compromise, of course! I’m also happy writing Python, C++, or Rust. If you think I might be a fit for your organization, please visit my contact page and drop me a line.

My favorite band is Stereolab. Previous favorite bands that I’m still pretty fond of: Kraftwerk, Cocteau Twins, Cabaret Voltaire, Orbital, Yellow Magic Orchestra. Honorable mentions: Pixies, Mark Knopfler, Flying Lizards.