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Gary Baum

Angelyne is notoriously secretive about her past. She didn’t want anyone to know anything about her that happened before her late-1970s debut in the band Baby Blue. This is the reporter who finally laid bare all her secrets, in 2017, after decades of mystery. This information was also the basis for the miniseries.

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Gary Baum’s Angelyne exposé served as the inspiration for this series. It took quite a number of years to bring the project to fruition.

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Angelyne’s Reaction

Angelyne was paid a reported one million dollars for her life rights by the producers of the miniseries. She initially showed some interest in participating, but dropped out during pre-production.

It is no surprise that Angelyne did not approve of the final product. She doesn’t want anyone to know about her past, before she debuted her self-selected stage name, and she doesn’t want anyone portraying her or her story except herself.

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Angelyne promised her own documentary to “set the record straight,” and released a teaser trailer, implying it would be released in 2022. Given her track record, the odds of this project ever being completed is pretty close to zero.

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December 16 2021