W. Allen Brunson

Located in Nashville, Tennessee

mobile apps portfolio: allenbrunson.com/projects/mobile-apps

Programmer for over twenty years. In the past, I have worked in telecom, on desktop apps, and on UNIX server apps. For ten years or so, I mostly wrote native iOS apps using Apple’s own frameworks. I am in the process of transitioning to Flutter, Google’s cross-platform framework for writing iOS and Android apps.


Operating systems:
macOS, iOS, Linux, UNIX, Android

Computer Languages:
Expert: C, C++, Objective-C, bash shell scripting
Intermediate: Dart, Python, ActionScript, Java, JavaScript

Web Sites:
Jekyll, HTML

Xcode, Android Studio

Harris switches, Dialogic voice hardware


Self-employed Contractor
May 2008 to present


For many years, I focused on iOS projects: a multi-user card game, a contact manager, an IM chat client, an SDK to deliver video ads, and many others.

I’ve also taken on other types of projects. The largest was a browser-based music streaming system, similar to Pandora. For the client end, I wrote a Flash browser plugin in ActionScript 3. The Flash plugin connects to an app I wrote in C++ that runs on a Linux server. Metadata was stored in a MySQL database. Song files and album art were stored on Amazon S3 servers.

Technologies: iOS, Objective-C, UIKit, macOS, ActionScript, MySQL, Python

GISbiz, Nashville Tennessee
October 2013 to October 2018


I spent most of my time at this company working on geoFIT, an iOS app that small gas and electric utility companies use to manage service orders and inspections. I also wrote a less involved app for filling and managing forms, called formFIT. In addition, I managed contributions from external developers and helped set direction for the company’s mobile app efforts.

Technologies: iOS, Objective-C, UIKit, macOS, Xcode, Python, bash shell scripting

Landmark Digital, Nashville Tennessee
March 2006 to May 2008

I was the lead developer for a music recognition system that Landmark was using to monitor roughly 400 radio stations all across the U.S. and Europe. Most of the code was written in C++ for Linux servers, with a few bash shell scripts for automation. I also wrote a few macOS apps for database user interaction and music recognition demos.

Technologies: Linux, macOS, Objective-C, C++, Oracle databases, bash shell scripting

International Telecard Services, Miami Florida
October 2001 to January 2006

I met the people in this company through my contacts in the Florida telecom world. I did contract work for them for many years. They had a Harris switch, and I set up the same sort of telecom apps for them as I wrote for another telecom employer a few years earlier. They did a small amount of callback traffic in the early days, then changed their primary focus to debit cards. I set up new 800 numbers for them, edited digital recordings for promotional cards, helped with database and billing issues, and so on. I did most of the work remotely, while living in Nashville.

Technologies: Linux, Windows, C++, Microsoft SQL Server